Monday, July 26, 2010

Walking down this road without you... Susumou kimi no inai michi no ue he

Assalammualaikum wbt.

Susumou kimi no inai michi no ue he

or in english

I'll move on, to a road without you...

Why so jiwang?

Oww... been so long since I've updated this blog, a lot of stuff happened, but so lazy and not inspired to write anything...

The title depicts something ending... or someone leaving me...

Well, lately that's how I felt.... and nothing better to describe it then Mr Children, Kurumi... understand the lyrics + the videos~

Oh.. Kurumi in this video is translated as Walnut, but Kurumi refers to a person name, not walnut (the literal meaning)

Love this video + song the first time I saw it... The actors are great, the melody are nice and the lyrics are very meaningful and inspiring~

Especially the last two lines;

hikikaeshicha ikenai yo ne
susumou kimi no inai michi no ue he

guess there’s no turning back,
so I’ll go on, to a road without you.

I dont quite understand the song at first... but my recent experience made me understood... I'm getting older... soon I'll be the ones in that video...

What's happening so far?

1) The end of FMA...

And so one of the biggest shounen (seinen?) title of this generation reach its conclusion, and it could not have been any better, what a satisfying and epic story it has been... I have been following the anime, FMA: Brotherhood as well, its one of the greatest anime series production so far~ especially since there's no filler and it follows the manga (~95% probably)

However, the power of manga is still stronger as shown in the final chapter, its much more memorable and emotional reading the final chapter of the manga compared to watching the final episode of the anime.

Love how Arakawa-sensei explained "the truth", which is the biggest questions in FMA, in just 2 pages, very short and concise, but it answered all the unanswered questions in the series, its a well-planned story indeed~

Plus, the moral/ethics value raised in final chapter is probably my favorite; "Is it allowed for one to sacrifice a handful of people in order to save a lot of other people..?"

i.e. Utilitarian ethics~ :)

Also Greed's and Hohenheim's conclusion were so sad... especially Hohenheim's...

Reading the second last page, where Arakawa-sensei drew the pictures of everyone was just... I suddenly remembered back my first experience of reading FMA, from the first chapter to the final... what a story... and now its ended... I'm quite sad it has to end... nee Kurumi...

Thank you very very much Arakawa-sensei for such a great story~!!
Will be missing FMA~!!

Wish I have the ability to draw manga like HER (YES, Arakawa-sensei is a woman!! I have only known this recently... haha).. perhaps someday I'll way.. BakumannnN!!!

2) The end of Onemanga...

And so this website which in google top 1000 lists of most visited website will finally be closed down...

For those who did not know... Recently, manga companies in Japan has decided to launch an all-out war against illegal posting of manga on the internet~ and so the aftermath can be seen with the closure of onemanga soon...

Owww man....

Hopefully I can still read the less-popular-but-undoubtly-high-quality-manga like The Ravages of Time or Billy Bat somewhere... I would love to buy the manga series I read legally.. but it will never reach Malaysian market... because most Malaysian dont like that kind of genre~ maybe it will be in Kinokuniya but at a ridiculously expansive price... mehh...

Anyway its the author's right to not have their hard work published illegally, do you know how hard it is to draw high quality manga? huh? huh?? and to release in on time every week!! Let's support them by buying the originals (if we can find them~) !!

3) The end of Kenso

I'll be moving out from Kenso soon... noouuuu... I love this house... other people might call it small and all... but I love it... bak kate Zahid "selesa giler kot duk rumah ne.."

I'll be missing that beautiful big tree near my window where birds come and rest and sing~

4) The departure of Zahid

My housemate has left Australia for good and returned to Malaysia, some of his final words to me;

"Riman, aku da dapat sijil, aku dapat First Class Honours!"

He's a genius man... really proud to be his housemate and I really enjoyed his company~ sometimes we talk about silly stuff, but occasionally we had some meaningful discussion about the world... he's the wikipideamon and moviemon, so his general knowledge is very high so he always has something to reply to almost all the topic I talked to him.

Now only his worn-out sofa are left... it is his trademark, his bed for all the years he is in Australia~

When he left, I suddenly remembered the song "Kurumi"...

So yeah... as gay as it sound.. I dedicate the song Kurumi to Zahid~

For all the moments we watched Community~

"Are you perpetually on your way to the gym?"
"Dude, my life is a gym!!"
"Well, wassuppp?? suppp?? suppp??"

That's enough ranting for now..

Got my BGD-A results today... Alhamdulillah~
Should have done better... really should have done better~ So far yet the days when I get to taste a HD...

Oh ya before I end...

I just bought a Media Tablet A3 size... wuhuuuU!!!!!!!!! I bought it specially to activate my Bakuman mode!!

So everyone, sit tight, a Oneshot will be coming to a blog near you soon!!

here's a little teaser... huhu

*it's not colored using my Tablet yet...

And here's my first completed work using the tablet + hand drawing

"The Lu Bu of men"
Based on Chan Mou's The Ravages of Time

That's all folks..