Monday, October 4, 2010

Lets talk about art...


I read something today, which is something that has been in my mind for a long time, something I cant find other people who can agree with me~

But when I read the two latest chapter of Bakuman today, I found my feeling is also shared by the authors of Bakuman... I'm so touched~ I'm so moved~ Yearghh!!

This is it:

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Okay, so the first page show this boy (who loves drawing manga) staring at the expansive painting his grandfather bought...
Then he was told that his parents wants him to go to Paris to learn art... the "prestige" art~ instead of wasting time becoming a mangaka.

Then the next page:

Man, I love this page... spot-on for me!!

He wanted to become a mangaka, but his parents are against it, saying its not good for the family's "appearance", and insist that the art he will learn in Paris is better.

Then a reply came from the boy which is exactly 100% the same with my point of view on this issue...

"Grandfather paid a lot of money to keep this (the expansive painting) for himself"
"Manga is something many people can view for only a small amount of money, its something many people can enjoy"

This is why I love Bakuman~

Society nowadays look at art similiar to those expansive painting and called it a prestigious , high class art... but when they look at manga/comic books... they ridicule it...

Thanks Bakuman for inserting this in your manga~ Keep it up!!