Friday, February 27, 2009

Sesat + Jumaah' + Bola + One Piece

Assalammualaikum to all...

Yeah yeah a lotta people been commenting or should I say menganjing kitorang bcoz we got lost at sydney... haha

So here's the much awaited full report on what happened!!

  • 5.00pm: The highly spirited Riman and Fazrul got on the bus to Eastgarden Shopping Complex (it's called Westside I think.. ) to buy ingredients to cook.
  • 5.20pm: Arrived there... bought a lot of stuff like crazy~ very heavy to carry
  • 6.30pm: Left Eastgarden... met a malaysian girl from petronas doing postgrad named Amy... saw the Bus 400 (Which is the bus that pass through UNSW like a lot of times!!) and we got on the bus (togather with Amy).
  • 7.00pm: The bus choose a strange route... we arrived at the airport... takpe yakin yakin... because bus 400 always pass by the University.
  • 8.00pm: The bus arrived like a very small town far from the city... okay... this is getting strange... like.. where are we?? We asked the bus driver... is this bus going back to Kensington or Anzac Parade? No, mate!! ... damn... we're like already very far from the city... the bus dropped us off and told us to wait for another bus at the opposite road... We're now like completely alone at like this small town at the city's outskirt (with a sort of country music playing with a wind blowing...) called Burkwood... it's near Liverpool i guess
  • 8.05pm: Arrived at the bus stop... luckily I just bought the UNSW sweater that morning, cos it's like very Very the VERY COLD!!! I feel like a homeless person u know?? A homeless person on the street warming up near a fire by some backstreet... now I know how they felt... :(

  • i
  • So... can u feel the homelessness in the pic's... at a very windy night.. cold... no fire... no one around... except Fazrul and Amy... sigh... I'll never look down on homeless people again...
  • 8.15pm: A BUS!!!! ............................................................ out of service????? What??????
  • 8.30pm: We decided to just take a cab home since it looks like no bus is coming... the fare costs $40... we share it with the three of us... luckily that uncle was very nice and do not overcharge us.. but seriously the fare metre on the taxi goes up very fast, taxi is Sydney is very expansive...
  • 10.00pm: Arrived at CAPELLA... Alhamdulillah.... so that's our journey for today, from a simple shopping trip to this... money = gone!!
Lesson learned: Be nice to homeless people... :)

But now I'm gonna write about a very nice experience!!! with some dissapointment...

Today is Friday so we muslims have solat jumaah'
.. I've been waiting for this day to see the faces of muslim in UNSW and hear the sermon here... I'm all pumped up~!! We pray at the "surau" in UNSW...

I arrived quite late, the sermon has already started... it's in English by Mahmoud Jamee'... the way he gives it is very different than in Malaysia, he just stand in front of the people, not holding any "tongkat" and just talk and interacting with the brothers without any script, it's very nice and not sleepy (unlike in Malaysia... it's very sleepy... because the Khatib read from scripts), the dua' after khutbah was very short and simple... all in all, I like the Khutbah here~ Alhamdulillah

Then, we have like this awesome meeting where all the muslim brothers just hang around outside the surau talking to each other.. its very nice... Hopefully soon I can get to know other international muslim brother~

but... sadly... we get this article its like saying there's a dispute within the ISOC (Islamic Society on Campus)... I'm seriously dissapointed reading that... hopefully soon the problem will be solved and all the muslim community can unite and get along togather... Insha'Allah...

Then I get to know my first international muslim brother in UNSW, brother Yusuf from Burma.. :).. He seems like a very good brother concerned about the well-being of muslims in UNSW... good good!!

I also get a very long-awaited invitation since I arrived at Sydney ... which is..


The field is not that far from my house, it's just a 5 minute full-speed jogging there... it's called Kensington Park... a very nice one!! A lot of dogs!! haha...

First there's like only 5 other Malaysian there... then more arrived.. and more... and finally there's 26 Malaysian there... waaa..... I felt like crying man... it's barely even a week at Sydney but I really miss this feeling of playing football togather with Malaysian~ it's very nostalgic, very calm, very nice... u feel like home~ the ukhuwah between the Malaysian there is THUMBS UP!!! wait.. TWO THUMBS UP!! (Wish I had more thumbs)

There's like this portable goal that we set up there and we playetd for about 90 minutes... this is by far the best experience yet in Sydney... it's sports man!! This is what man is supposed to do!!
Plus, my team won by merely 1-0.. but we still one.. and I assisted in the goal by doing "dummy" in front of the opponent goal ( padahal tak jadi wat skill, cover cover... tapi orang byk cakap lawa dummy... haha.. layan jek )

And finally tonight... a very sad news!!!

THERE'S NO ONE PIECE THIS WEEK???????????????????????????????



My first week in Sydney and it started without ONE PIECE??????????


Oh yah...
There's like 250++ medical students in UNSW... and so far I only saw six muslims ... 4 from Malaysia and there's this 2 girl wearing hijjab there, probably arab or local australian... takdak gadis melayu medic... ain ar nie takmo join~ cis cis~

Oh yeah, I got Prince of Wales Hosp for my placement which is the best!! cos' it's very close.. Fazrul got St. George which is very far... haha~

That's all... hope u enjoyed menganjing us... but beware... it might be u next time lost in Sydney..


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

1st destination in Sydney?? Opera House!!!


Feeling great today yeah!! Alhamdulillah...

Went to my first trip to the city of Sydney and to the OPERA HOUSE!! and the surroundings!! Great man!!!

Sydney is a very modern city but still has a natural vibe around it.. nice!! The wind is powerful!! My hair-gel is gone like only in 5 minutes exposing myself to the wind.... haha.. need to find a more powerful hair-gel...

First we went to the PYTON TOWER to see the view of Sydney from the sky!! Nice man... it costs 10dollars just to climb there but its worth it!! The wind and view there is SUPERB!!

2nd.. we walked around the SYDNEY HARBOR.. there's a beautiful sort of park here, few street artist making performances, a big cruise ship docked there, a lot of seagulls and ships!!

3rd.. finally went to OPERA HOUSE... sugoiii~ very nice... (but not as nice as in the promotional picture..) it's like very big... wow~

4th... went to rest and pray at the BOTANICAL GARDEN (this is the first time I prayed outdoor on a grass.. haha).. I tell you~!!! This park is like the best place to do recreational activities!!! It's windy, cold and has a great view!! You just feel so free up there in a green looking at the sea with the beautiful buildings~ it's great!!

5th... waited until dark to get the NIGHTVIEW of OPERA HOUSE... the nightvilew is great too, but our cameras seems to lost it's abilities in the dark...

Yeah... the first trip to city was certainly worth it... we had problems finding halal food and place to perform solat.. Solution? We bought milk and Oreo from the convienient store.. (There's actually a halal logo from Indonesia on the Oreo.. hoho) and we took our ablution at the public toilet and solat at Botanical Garden... Asr and Maghrib... my first experience... :)

Those who want to watch more pic's of me.. go to my facebook~ email: , okay mate!! Salam~!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

UNSW = A lot of people... Really A LOT~!! Like a LOT~

Yes I'm serious..!! A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

UNSW is also very green has a lot of nice "Gardens" and Trees... and the Sport's field is very nice!!

See how nice the grass is?? Woaaa~ haha...

So far UNSW is great, it's very BIG~!! Very NICE~!! and very the LOTS OF PEOPLE!!


The weather's in Sydney been great for 2 days now~
It's like very nice, cold and breezy just like in Kuantan~!! I like!!


Since UNSW is so large... we got lost there today.. haha... luckily there's a lot of people to show us the directions... :)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sydney yg sejuk~

At least it is the day I arrived... mcm sampai dgn keberkatan lak.. cuaca sejuk2 je.. haha.. jgn jeles..

Arrived at about 10.00am Sydney time after a 7 hours flight..

On the flight..
  • First time on a long international flight. excited!! and blur...
  • Watch a lot of movies and shows... even one japanese movie... very sad one... :(
  • Can't sleep well.. the seat is too small...
  • My passport is valid.. pass the first gate
  • Waiting for my luggage.. then lining up at the Immigration
  • While waiting anxiously there, suddenly a lady came to me, looked at my deceleration card (I only declared shoes with soil) and suddenly told me to go out.... Out? I asked.. "Go , out you go, mate!" she said... "Out?".... so I just walked out the immigration without being checked or screened by the Customs there... what a luck! haha
  • A lot of seniors waiting at the airport~ cool
Out of airport...
  • Felt the Sydney air for the first time... is that an aircond? no.. it's Sydney's breeze!! Very cold and refreshing... nice~!! It's like living in Kuala Lumpur but with Kuantan's breeze~ Cool!!
Malaysian Hall..
  • We gathered at MH for breifing with MARA officer was then I realized that there are almost 80 MALAYSIAN STUDENTS with us not including the PETRONAS and UNISYDNEY... wooohooo~
  • But the bad news is.... I think that all 80 Students have no accomodation... wooooO~ The Competitions gonna be fierce man!! Hope is fading...
  • But wait, a ray of hope appears... A senior came up and said that the Petronas's house has vacancies for 2 people.. Pet house? Vacancies? Me and Fazrul quickly book our name and Alhamdulillah we got it!! For now... hopefully everything'll be fine.
at CAPELLA (New house.. for now)
  • This place is like a very modern E-Tiara and Ridzuan Condo... very.. very.. mewah ar!! U gotta see the balcony man... it's like breathetaking~!! The breeze from here is.. :)
  • Tommorow I'll post the picture of this great house that hopefully we can stay here for at least one year... InsyaAllah~ please make du'a for us~ because if not we have nowhere to stay~!! and if we get this place... u can come to sydney and menumpang at a very nice place!!
That's all for now... owh, and we ate Nasi Lemak for lunch and Meggi for dinner... haha... we overslept and all the stalls are closed by the time we woke up... huhu... Watch out for the next post, be posting all the pic's!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Last Night...

The last night in Malaysia before flight tomorrow...

Finished packing everything already... except some clothes that I wear this morning, not yet dried up...
I called up almost all my friends whose numbers is in my handphone... some of them are those who I have never spoke to for years.... but they are always in my mind... ceh...

First, I tried to call my GONGDRONK geng...

--> Called Krol = no answer... cis!
--> Called Nik = eh, lupe ade kt indon...
--> Called Ong = The first one I managed to call tonight.. haha... Ong is preparing to be a teacher!! Still the same old Ong... haha.. masih tak berubah

Next round, scrolled down the list... who else to call?

--> Called Nat = How long has it been since I called her? Since form 3... about 5 years? man.... that's long... but this call I would say is the most nostalgic one... is like I'm back at my form 3's talking to her... all those jokes and stuff I used to tease her with came back to me~ oh, those young days... Thanks Nat~ :)

Cycling through the list of numbers... let's just call everyone I have their numbers here..

--> Called Azlee = engange... wrong number... oww...
--> Called Anuar = enganged... wrong number... oww..
--> Called Gmei = Yes, he answered... talk and talked... still the same old Gmei.. doing Engineering now~

Hey, I forgot about Bandang KuntaMON~!!

--> Called Badang = Answered..
"Mu knal dok sape ne?" I asked...
"Knal" he said
"Sape?" I asked..
"Ketua Pengawas" he answered...
Cis... masih tak berubah Badang ngan lawak dan nada bodo nya itu.. haha.. I guess the we the Gongdronks will remain Gongdronks~

Okay, now let's try calling the my seniors at SMART.. the form SIX!!

--> Called Fran = nombor yang anda dail...
--> Called Fuad = nombor yang anda dail...
--> Called MadArip= nombor yang...
--> Called Rikki = nombor..
--> Called Ustaz = nombo...
--> Called Yap = nomb...

Cis Cis Cis!!! None of the form SIX have I managed to call~!! ArghhHHhh~!!!
Okay, let's just call anyone on my phonebook that I know...

--> Called Alia = wrong number... oww... --> Called .... opps, times up!! my mom's home.... takle gayut da... haha

Sorry for those people I didn't call... not enough time... but even though I didn't call you... have faith that I always remember all my friends since primary school
"and even though we lost contact with each other, just look at the sky and how all the world is connected just by one sky, all of our hearts are also connected... just like the sky~"
Owh ya... and I'm saving the most shocking one for last...

--> Called Rahman from Squad Elite Kadet Polis!! (he's the one in my video with red shirt)
"Aku nak pergi belajar Australia, esok aku fly" I said
"Laa ... esok ke... aku KAHWIN 15/3 ne..." he said

KAHWIN!!?? for real!!!

He's the same age as me... and he's going to get married already!!! arghhhHHHhH!!!

Papehal... selamat pengantin baru~

And now..... what??? I lost!!!??? Damn!! I want to get married too.... :(
Cmon' Riman... 2nd year!! Blonde? Brunnete? haha... go go!!



--> What's more to update... tomorrow's the flight!!


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Towards One's dreaM : One Piece!!


There's 3 days left to go... and now I kind of understand the feeling of One Piece's characters when they leave their hometown to sail off to the blue sea!!

What is One Piece? duhh...

One Piece (or known as Budak Getah in BM) is the BEST-SELLING shounen jump manga title~!! It's not one of the best.. it is the BEST!! The No.1`!!

It's a story of a group of pirate known as the STRAWHATS PIRATES (Mugiwara Kaizoku) in search of the Greatest Treasure left by the dead Pirate King which is known as One Piece~ It sounded simple... but once you read it... U'll know the action, drama, plot, comedy and romance behind the story is simply amazing!!

Ok.. so in One Piece, there are scenes where each of the Strawhats members leave their hometown to search for the treasure... some are sad... some are happy ones...

CAPTAIN: Monkey D. Luffy
-Mood: Happy
-Dream: One Piece and become the King of Pirates
Can't wait to leave his hometown, leave in an all excited and happy mood, no tears at all.

FIRST-MATE: Roronoa Zoro
-Mood: Calm/Cool
-Dream: To be The Greatest Swordsman in the World
Leave after paying respect to his dead childhood friend and his sensei, also no tears, just your typical macho-manly and cool Zoro leaving

-Mood: Hiding sadness
-Dream: Travel and Draw a map of the whole sea
Leaving by pickpocketing all the villager's belongings to hide her tears, and she didn't cry, cos' she's hiding it.

-Mood: Sad and cheerful
-Dream: Become a brave warrior of the sea
Leaving with full of tears first when he disbanded his crew then started to become cheerful

COOK: Sanji
-Mood: Sentimental then Tearful
-Dream: To find All Blue
Starts with a sentimental feeling when he nostagically remembers the memories at the restaurant, then trying to act all cool when leaving but finally burst into tears when his Old Man told him "Don't catch a cold now" (This is the one of the saddest part... even I almost burst into tears!! Damn!!)

DOCTOR: Tony Tony Chopper
-Mood: Extremely sad but inspiring
-Dream: To become a panacea that can cure every disease in the world
This is my fauvarite scene~!! It's the saddest in One Piece!! First, Dr. Kureha (the one who teaches him) shove him off forcefully so that Chopper will not turn back, then the pink sakura blooms at the snow!! Beautifullllllll~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and Chopper's go waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! Arghhh~!!!! I wish I'll have a farewell like that!!

-Mood: Sad, Depress, Lonely... all the negative feelings.. u name it!!
-Dream: To find the Rio-Poneglyph
This is the most depressing farewells... is not a good one... is 99% a negative farewell.... Her hometown was burned down... all her friends and families were killed and she was forced out of her hometown... extremely sad... poor little Robin..

SHIPWRIGHT: Franky / Cutty Flam
-Mood: A Tearful Coolness
-Dream: To build and sail on a ship that will travel the whole sea
He pretends to be strong at first, saying he didn't want to leave, then after being pushed by the strawhats and his family, he bursted into tears (without his pants) haha...

- There's still no flashback on Brooke's past when he first leave his hometown.. too bad...

Yea.... so that's it... so now... which character will I be this Saturday, the cool Sanji who finally burst to tears, or the macho Zoro who has not the slightest amount of sadness when he leave..

Which I'm hoping to be?

Chopper!! I wish to leave in a very glorious way... I want to see like a Pink Sakura somewhere at Malaysia suddenly blooms as if to waves farewell to me and I will look at it and cry with all my heart!! Waaaaaaaa~ haha... as if that would happen... but it would be great...


  • Everything's DONE!!! yeah... from documents to shopping!!! Wuhuu!!

3 DAYS LEFT TO FLIGHT (oww mann...)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Video Making is Mine Again!!!

Yeahhh!! In conjunction with my new laptop... I've finally been able to realize my dream of creating my own AMV!! WuhuuU!!!!

My old laptop has very small RAM... everytime I open WinMovieMaker it will HANG HANG HANG!! But with the new fully powered 4GB RAM... The POWER IS IN MY HAND again!!

Oh.. I only spend about 4 hours to create this... so mybe it's quite messy... I just can't wait to finish this video!! YeaHH!!

It's basically about my precious moment in life... hey, maybe ur in it!! haha... but for those who are not in it... it's not that ur not precious... but.. hey, it's only five minutes man!! I can't put all the pic's and videos in it~ haha.... for those who are in it... feel privilaged!!

The song used is Kiseki by Greeeen... a very nice song with a great lyrics...!! The first time I heard this song on ROOKIES... I was like.. I'M DEFINITELY GOING TO MAKE AN AMV WITH THIS SONG!! Oh yeah and ROOKIES really inspired me to do an AMV about my nakama!! Go ROOKIES!!


I recommend u go to youtube and watch in HD... br mantapP!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


There are many things uncertain about our future...
But we still talk about that everyday..

Will I be a doctor?
Will I get married?
Will I live a happy life?

But there is one thing certain about our life
But we seldom or never talk about it..


Why am I talking about death now? Well, probably because of a dream.. a nightmare, a very real one....

It was a nightmare where somehow, in the dream... I know that my mom will die in an accident like 1 or 2 hour from that moment... so in that dream, I'm living the final moment with my mom... which is very real... I can remember the feeling well even after I woke up...


Ever since my dad died on 2003 when I was in form 2 (14 years old), which is a very shocking news cause he died suddenly after a very happy day in my life (it was the same day that I won my first karate championship), I know that death can come anytime to anyone around me... I've always told myself about to be prepared, that one day, my loved ones will die...

But within that nightmare that was so real... in a situation faced with the death of my mom... No matter how many times I told myself to be prepared... No many how I told myself to look at a positive side of death... All the preparations or protections I built since my dad died just fall...

Everytime I see my mom now, I know that her time is coming sooner and sooner... and no one can do anything about that... It just a sign of how weak human is... as the prophet Muhammad SAW said... there is cure for anything in this world except old and death...

I thought that I have gotten pass the trauma of my father's death, but there was this one day when I was in a camp... suddenly my mom's handphone called mine... she usually does not call me during this time... it suddenly reminds me at 2003, when I saw the hp I left at home when I went to the Karate competition, my dad called me hours before he fell... but usually he never will call me during the morning when I have activities... So, the call from my mom during the camp suddenly gives me the feeling that something bad happened to her.... I'm really scared that time that I cannot concentrate the whole camp after that... I realized that somehow...

I just can't prepare myself to face death... even though everyday I told myself it will happen....

I want to be a doctor to save life...
But I know I cannot stop death when it comes...

Soon, I'll be leaving Malaysia, leaving my family for quite a long time... and when I asked b, am I ready to face it, if anything happen to my loved ones here... I told myself YES, but deep down I know... I can never be prepared for it....

But... I'm still going... Why?

And while I'm thinking about other's death... what about mine??

My dream no.6:
"So that everyone I know, my family, friends, teachers... everyone... live happily in this world and found happiness in the afterlife..."

My dream no.7:
"If I die before realizing my dreams... Hopefully those good and beneficial dreams of mine will be inherited by someone and they will realize it in my place... in other words... Inherited Will..."

*What is inherited will? Watch One Piece... Drum Island's arc.. :)

POSSIBILITIES: Unknown!! Death is for sure... but what happen after death... is really unknown...



  • A lot of financial problem going on now... hopefully MARA can give enough money soon for me to settle everything... I hate it when money makes the world go round...
  • Completed MARA's form (hopefully).. will be sending it tomorroe
  • Taken the hep B vaccination, 2 more vaccinations to go...
  • Visited Kuantan for the last time b4 fly... to much sadness... still waiting for Riduan's pic to post my experience in Kuantan...


Sunday, February 1, 2009

Malam Kemanusiaan Palestine 2009


As a person who calls himself muslim, and as a human being.. it is with great honour and responsibility that I want to share what I have experienced and learn during the Malam Kemanusiaan Palestine 2009 at Dataran PJ on 31 January 2009.

I actually did not know anything about this event until the morning of 31st January... when I accidently checked my never opened YahooMail... (to those who want to sent me email, please don't sent it to my yahoomail, sent it to

I went there with the hope of learning more about the issue in Palestine, because for once in my life... I honestly and passionately became interested in this issue since the MASSACRE in Gaza earlier this year.

Morning - I didn't join this, but they did a convoy of 100 CARS with stickers "free Palestine". There's even this one Kembara car with a sticker "HAMAS OFFICIAL CAR".. :)
6.00pm- Arrived there by LRT, all alone... not other people from Taylor's... so bored, saw all these people wearing that "scarf" (I don't know what it's called actually... the white clothes you wrapped around your neck with the blocks on it... )

7.30pm- Maghrib prayer in jamaah

8.15pm- Eat and I bought that scarf to get in the mood of everyone else wearing that scarf~!!

9.00pm-Start off with chanting by some group of people lead by an oversea muslim brother, he said "this is the chant we, the muslim, jewish and christian in UK chanted in our demonstration" . The words are good.. I'm gonna post the video of the chanting soon... can't upload it yet...

Free free Palestin
Gaza Gaza dont you cry
We shall never let you die

1 2 3 4
we dont want your bloody war
5 6 7 8
stop the killing stop the hate

Israel Israel you will see
Palestine will be free

From the rivers to the sea
Palestine will be free

Stop the killing stop the crime
Israel out of Palestine

Occupation is a crime
From Iraq to Palestine!!

9.30pm-Brother Mu'adz... an artist came upstage singing 2 very nice song... 1st song is Amrullah (Baitul Maqdis) a song about the hadith of the prophet that for me is very inspiring!!

“The Messenger of Allah (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) said, ‘A group from my nation will remain adhering to religion victorious by it, and conquering their enemy. Not (the least) harmed by those who desert them, except for the hardship they suffer until the Command of Allah (the Last Day) comes to pass while they are still so.’ They (the Companions) asked, ‘O Messenger of Allah! Where are they? He answered, ‘In Baitul-Maqdis (Jerusalem) and the environs of Baitul-Maqdis.’”

or easier to understand malay translation...

Akan sentiasa ada wujud sekumpulan dari umatku yang terus menegakkan kebenaran dan tegas mendepani musuh. Tidak memudaratkan perjuangan mereka walau dipinggirkan dan dirintangi kesusahan kecuali ujian (Ilahi) sehinggalah datang ketentuan Allah. Mereka akan tetap sedemikian.

Sahabat bertanya “Di mana mereka itu?”
Baginda menjawab “Mereka berada di Baitul Maqdis dan di kawasan sekitarnya”

another song is "Stand Up" which is also great!! During the singing, there were a lot of big palestinian flag waving in the air... it's really great!! Love the waving of the flag by the kids, both cute and very spirited little sons and daughters waving that flag... Allahuakbar!!

You can hear Mu'adz song in Youtube - Amrullah (Baitul Maqdis)

10.00pm - The forum started... I was waiting for this moment, to learn more about Palestine... the first speaker's speech was very informative, he gave 4 points to counter Israel's false claims that Palestine was theirs.

1) Phrophet Ibrahim a.s (Abraham) was originated from Mesopotamia.

Bani Israel (Children of Israel) never really breed and live in Palestine, as their first generation have migrated to Egypt before Bani Israel could establish and breed in Palestine.

3) The original people of Palestine was a race called Can'an (i dont know how to spell it actually), these people are there b4 prophet Ibrahim a.s came, and this people are already there b4 the liberation of the jewish in egypt by phrophet Musa a.s (Moses). When the jewish came, they accepted judaism, when romans came, they accepted christianity and when the muslim came, most of them embraces Islam. Which is now we can see muslim, christian and jewish there and all of them are the natives people of Palestine.

4) About 90% of the jewish now in Israel claiming that Palestine is their original land, are actually of a race that came from southern Russia that accepted Judaism as their main religion. In other words, they have no connections culturally and historically whatsoever to Palestine, if they say they want to return to their homeland, then return to Caucasus (their original country not Palestine).

#I'm still trying to find this speaker's point on the internet as a clearer references... When I found it, I'll post it in my blog... InsyaAllah. For now you can search the youtube and many non-zionist-propagandists speaker will tell you about who really deserve Palestine.

11.00pm- Representative from NGOs, church, non-muslims in Malaysia and even a real Palestinian gave speech. Much love and respect to the non-muslim who manage to see the truth that this is not just a religious problem, it is a humanitarian problem. The speech from the Palestinian brother was really an eye-opener. One of the stories he told was about his own experience treated by the Zionists...

"It was during his highschool exam, he has to pass several (7 if I'm not mistaken) checkpoints to reach his school, and at one of his checkpoint, he was without any reason taken by the Zionists and was placed in a cage which is so small that he cannot stand straight (he has to bend) from the morning until Asar (evening). Then, the Zionist realeased him and told him to kneel down and lick the Zionist's shoes. He said that he did not kneel down and told them "just shoot me".... Alhamdulillah, the brother survived that incident and was able to share with us his and other Palestinian stories that night..."

The program closed with another chanting similiar to earlier one, I chanted as loud as I can this time!! Takbir... Allahuakbar!!

It was certainly a very valuable experience for me to be able for the first time attend such event!! For all those involved in organizing this very beneficial event, including the representatives from the non-muslim organization like the church, chinese and indian community, thank you very much... May Allah bless all of you~

Allow me to share one opinion by the speaker on our role in helping Palestinian:

"I call for each and every one of us to spend a couple of hours per week to fill the airways (the media, internet.. blog... youtube etc.) with words of truth about what is happening in Palestine... spread the truth!!"

For me... very true!! Bcoz we need to counter the false Zionist Propaganda that has twisted the facts and allow this massacre and oppresion to continue in this world!!

Our supplication towards them should be accompanied by our action to help them with all our might...

Spread the truth ~!!
and many other we can do... it's WAJIB (compulsory) brothers and sisters, as a muslim and also as a human being even to the non-muslim.

The most important thing is, do something!!
and do not do anything to support the Zionists... like buying their products...

We shall be victorious~
Humanity will see the truth~
Peace will be there in Palestine for muslim, christian and jews!!


  • Mara breifing on the 6th Feb, not yet finish all the form!! arghhH!!