Friday, May 29, 2009



What is passion?

Should we shape our life based on our passion?

Today I re-triggered one of my biggest passion in life... (ceh)

1st is during Biology Practical today... it was about gene therapy, which is about Biology. I dare say it is a practical session that I pay attention 120% the whole 2 hours of prac!! Why? Bcoz I love Genes!! It's amazing what genes do to our body and I'm really amazed at how people find ways to make use of genes to treat people, find criminal etc. This shows this small thing within our cells is so amazing with full of usefulness for those who think, it's a great blessing (which can also be a trial) by Allah. Although some say that genes show all the organisms in this world come from one common ancestors... a bacteria in the sea.... nah!! What it show is that we all come from one creator!!

That's why I'm passionate about genes!!

So it was by far the best practical lab so far in UNSW.

Then I went to another prac which very little people came.... i guess only 10% of the class came... haha

its introduction to QMP (Quality in Medical Practice) : Introduction to MEDICAL STATISTIC.

Medical STATISTIC?? haha.. no wonder people dont want to go to the prac... even I was thinking of skipping the class as well.... but I still went... well, the tutors spent a lot of time preparing the prac and how boring the topic might seem, they are serious in teaching it to us... so in appreciation to that... I went...

I see only a handful of people there, but those who were there are really those who want to learn!! All respect, tabik spring ar!! (not saying those that did not came is bad... I'm just praising those who came... including me?? no... i didn't say that.. )

So I started the tutorial which was very boring at first... its just about reading all this online notes about statistic and all... I just want to get it over with fast...

Then as I go on.... hey, its starting to get interesting.. its really is nothing new, it's just same as statistic in SAM back in Taylor's... mean, standard deviations, normal distribution and all...

But what really caught my attention is that they explain quite in detail about Standard Deviations which I forgotten what it really means.... and I actually raised my hand to ask a tutor about that....

To make things short, I actually finished reading through the whole online notes!!

And I realized one thing..

This is maths!!! I love maths!!! How could I forgot???

This is PASSION!!! The once long forgotten passion since its been very long since I've done maths!! Owww mann...

Then it got me thinking about my other passion... PHYSICS!!! I love physics too!!

A medical student who loves maths and physics? haha...

Since i'm in med, it's pretty sad for me to leave these two field that I'm really passionate in.. maths and physics... aww man...

But, actually.. if I want to learn them... I can still learn it.. through internet, library and other stuff, right?

But what's stopping me?

I'm just.....


Too LAZY!!



so much for passion...


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

Assalammualaikum wbt.

Its game time!!!

As most of my friends in Oz know, I've recently bought a Playstation 3 with 24" lcd monitor. Wuhuu!!

But, the PS3 delimma was... the games were too expansive to buy... But I manage to get some cheap games from eBaY

1st game : Little Big Planet

2) Tom Clancy's End War

3) Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete + FFXIII Demo

The Blue-Ray movie was like superb and the game was amazing!!!!!! The graphics is like!!!!!!!!!!! I cried when I see the quality of the pictures... isk isk... the quality of animations nowadays...

4) Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

This game is so far the best game I've played on the pS3!! Thanks to Muhaimin cos he's the one who bought this game... yeah, this is a quite old game, released on 2008 but I just finished playing it (in just 3 days)

This is actually the first MGS game I played out of all its releases... huhu... so I found it hard to understand some of the story plot cos its very interelated with each other, but I still get the big picture...

The graphics: Spectacular!! Awesome!!
The gameplay: Wonderful!!
The storyline: So great it made me cry... the cutscenes were very very the long... but it was also very very the great.. the action, the style, the intensity and the drama at the ending...!!!

Games nowadays are very awesome since they've incorporated voice into the characters, it's gotten so much real and closer to watching a movie... its like watching a cinema~

Thank you Muhaimin for such a great game... arghhh!!!

Good bye snake!!

A Legendary Farewell for a Legendary Hero!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Foundation at UNSW is over: A summary!!


It's been a while since I've updated the blog...

Just finished the first teaching period of medicine in UNSW, so this week I'm very free after the exam on Monday!!

So.. a summary of foundations...

Q (Questions) : How was the lectures?
R (Riman) : Not bad.. some was very nice and interesting, learned a lot about vaccination and stomach pain

Q: Whats the percentage of u falling asleep in lecture?
R: About 70% of all the lectures.

Q; What about your Scenario Group?
R: My Scenario group was awesome, my colleagues and my facilitators are awesome!!

Q: How do u fare during foundations?
R: Alright, so there's 3 assessment alltogather during foundations...


I need to choose between a list of medical heroes and I picked Thomas P. Dunhill, a thyroid surgeon and did a report on him.... My attitude of doing it? Last minutes strive and languange-wise, very dramatic... haha...

Result: P (There's 4 grade, F (Fail), P- , P and P+ )
Comment: It was unexpectedly ok since I didn't really spend much time on it... haha


So my group members are Patrick, Josh, Natasha, Jess and Me! Great group members!! We did an integrated health model on Breast Cancer.

Result: P+ !!! a P+, the highest mark!!!!!!!!!!!! wohoo!!
Comment: It's the highest mark!!! I never thought we could get that.. but we actually did!! Yeah!!


And in the end of each course there's exam... my first exam in UNSW... preparation: close to none!! haha.. only studied the night before and the morning of the exam... haha... went in completely unprepared...

Results: 69%
Comment: Is it good, is it bad? At least it's a pass... well, of course Alhamdulillah for that, but the highest mark in my group is Matt who scored 90%, wow! haha...

Q: Is the exam hard?
R: Hard? Nah.... not as hard as I expected... I certainly can score higher if I just studied more... huhu...

Q: Any final word on foundations?
R: A great preparation for me... learnt a lot... and a valuable experience indeed, really grateful for the marks... If it was this way for the whole medicine course, I can graduate happily.. :)

But of course it will get harder~

Thanks to all my friends and teachers who helped me through foundations!!