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Yoru - 夜 -

Sabishii no Tabi part 6
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- Yoru  -

I've mentioned previously how the timing of my visit (december to mid january) is not the best time for both Autumn and Winter scenery. The autumn leaves have fallen while snow hasn't piled up yet. However, fortunately in December, machi no yoru sugoi kirei! (night view in town is beautiful) because in big cities like Tokyo and Osaka, they have christmas illumination!

So let's look at some Christmas illumination !!

Illuminated train in front of Shimbashi eki

Yurakucho eki
The front of Yurakucho eki is decorated with green coloured illumination


Shinjuku was one the most beautifully illuminated place during this period.


This place is not really well-known but the main river was beautifully line by purple coloured lights. Nice place to enjoy illumination without many people around.

 The reflections of the purple light on the river is spectacular

 Christmas tree in the Gate City plaza

There's only one street in Roppongi where I found Christmas illumination, but I think the trees in Roppongi have the largest number of light bulbs put on them.

This is my favourite spot for night view in Tokyo. This place at night just took my breath away! There isn't any massive illuminated trees or streets but the view of rainbow bridge is superb!!

Beautiful rainbow bridge with the boats further contributing to the rainbow colour!

Shopping complex shined in bright blue lights
 Gundam surrounded by Christmas illumination

 Inside one of the shopping complex

The best thing about Odaiba during Christmas is that every saturday during December at 8.00pm there will be fireworks! Watching the fireworks with rainbow bridge as the backdrop is awesome!

The view is much more beautiful then what my phone's camera portrays! 

Outside Tokyo

Kaiyukan in Osaka
Kaiyukan is a large aquarium - definitely worth a visit! But the sea-themed illuminations at night is beautiful as well

 Like a dolphin jumping out of water

 I love this, just throw a net with light bulb on trees and it creates a unique sea-like shape!
 The ferris wheel nearby Kaiyukan

Osaka Castle
A lot of Japanese town retain their castle site whether with actual castle or just the building site. Osaka castle is one of the most famous. When I visited they had this beautiful 3D projection mapping but I didn't see it from the proper spot because the que is insanely long.

 Projection mapping

Nothing really special - just the only illumination I managed to see under snow backdrop because when I visited the snowy part of Japan - Christmas illumination event is practically over. 

Well, during December when you cant see autumn leaves nor snow yet (in Tokyo) - at least there's illumination event that creates a beautiful and romantic night scenery in the big cities!

Next part - Nisenjuyon-nen! (2014)

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